Citrus is a logistics platform that streamlines touchless curbside pickup

We solve the “last 10 ft” problem of curbside pickup. Citrus automates the process by linking customer ID and their vehicle description with the orders they place either by phone or online. GPS provides accurate ETA alerts so you know exactly when your customers will arrive. Think of Citrus as an "air traffic control" window that eliminates phone calls, texts, and guessing when people will show up. And best of all, your customers don’t waste time in your parking lot, so satisfaction goes way up!

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Curbside pickup made easy

We automate the process of curbside pickup by linking orders with consumer identities and their vehicle information for automated, touchless, and efficient transactions.

Safe. Simple. Effortless

No guessing when customers will show up – ETA advises of customer arrival for pickup.


What does Citrus provide for a merchant?

Citrus provides the ability for merchants to get control of their curbside pickup. We act like an "air traffic control" window for merchants when customers purchase items online or over the phone and choose curbside pickup. Automated ETA alerts and geo-fencing track and confirm arrival so store managers and their teams aren’t guessing when people will show up. (But what we really provide is increased customer satisfaction and happy, repeat customers!)

What key features does it provide beyond ETA tracking?

Our “scan and go” pickup ensures that there is no physical contact so everyone remains safe. As an option, we can document the transaction with a “proof of fulfillment” via license plate scan.

What are the system requirements?

Citrus is a cloud based platform. You can access Citrus using any internet connected device, such as laptop, tablet or a mobile device. We have an App available for both iOS and Android. We support all latest browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.

Does it integrate with my POS system?

Not currently, but we are working with POS vendors to integrate into their platforms.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no cancellation fee. Merchants may cancel any time.

Does a consumer have to install the Citrus App to use your curbside pickup platform?

No, the customer does not have to install the Citrus App to use the platform. They can track the order using text message or order tracking link in the mobile browser. However, for a better experience and a full complement of services, it’s recommended that the consumer download the App.

Do I have to scan a plate to complete the transaction?

No, plate scanning is optional. We recommend using it for high value transactions where proof of delivery is required.

Does adding more users require an upgrade?

No, only adding more locations.

How do I get started?

Just click on the consumer or merchant "Sign-Up" button on our website. Signing up takes less than 15 minutes.