Introducing “Virtual Drive-Through” & "In-Car-Commerce" from Citrus

  • Online/In-App/Apple Carplay Ordering
  • Automated Curbside Pickup
  • Payment processing

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Get a Powerful Logistic Platform

From online ordering to delivery confirmation, Citrus makes pick-up a smooth and seamless experience for you and your dinners.

Online Ordering and Management

Process orders online, from the app, or via customers' cars and easily track and manage order status directly from the dashboard.

Virtual Drive-Thru

Create a Drive-Thru anywhere! Citrus makes it easy to service drive up customers without the physical buildout of lanes and windows.

Manage Multiple Locations

Citrus makes it easy to oversee multiple restaurants with our comprehensive management tools. Optimize your menu across locations and watch profits grow!

Automate the Communication Process

Communicate with customers on their preferred channels including text messaging, push notification, email, or even directly in their car!

Track Your Sales

Identify trends and track how your business is doing, by day, week, month and quarter.

Adjust your Offerings and Add Promotions

We leverage state of the art artificial intelligence to track and identify the trends and recommend adjusting promotions to increase sales.

Corporate and Catering Accounts

Serve corporations and large parties by integrating your catering menu into your digital ordering solution.

Check & ACH Payments Accepted

Make corporate accounts payment processing and reconciliation simple with our integrated Stripe payment processing.

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Keep your margins. One simple Fee. No hidden commisions charged to you.

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Sign up for Citrus

We’ll upload your menu and integrate your Stripe payment processing.

Start taking orders

Easily attach your digital menu to your social profiles, review pages, or website and start taking orders and payments directly online.

Ready for pickup!

Once the customer arrives Citrus sends a message with the location, model, and license number of their car for quick and easy delivery - No special parking spots or designated areas needed.

Bring them back

Studies have shown that the convenience is a main drivers in repeat business. Citrus provides the most convenient ordering and pickup-up options.

  • Online
  • Phone App
  • Apple Carplay
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Create and Grow Your Off-Premise Sales

Add a new revenue stream with curbside and instore pick-up without having to build out any new infrastructure. Ghosts Welcome!

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Boost Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness and SEO with an online menu and your listing on the Citrus app and website.

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